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I'll never understand why after installing CL after a fresh Win 10 install that detection of my CL compatible hardware is hit or miss. Same version of CL, same version of Win 10, same hardware setup, same registry edits.


My last Win 10 install of less than a week ago saw both my H100i and AX760i detected. This time, nada.


[EDIT] - An uninstall then reinstall of CL was required for proper device detection.


My mind is officially boggled. :eyebuldge



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The PSU is connected via the H100i.


No, I don't recall ever seeing any of my internal Corsair devices under Devices and Printers.


Install, make registry edits, uninstall it as well as the USB device drivers, then reinstall, that's my 100% surefire way to get it working.

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I don't have an issue, currently, with this version of the software, after deducing that two installs are required to get it functioning, and that merely editing the registry manually didn't solve my detection issue. I just noticed that I did however leave out the fact in my first post that a second install was required for proper functionality. I corrected the omission. Thanks for trying to help though red-ray.
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I did not need to install CL 3.2.5742 twice on my W10 TH2 system with a H110iGT. All I needed to do was install it once and then do as I specified in http://forum.corsair.com/forums/showthread.php?t=153706. I did not even need to reboot the system after installing CL.


Not in Device and Printers but it is recognised by CL.


I also just checked Devices and Printers and the H110iGT is there so your H100i should be.




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I am missing my RM650i PSU but can see my h100iGTX cooler.


Is that probably my RM650i highlighted?


How can I fix this issue?


There is not really an issue, though I agree that it would be better if RM650i was displayed rather than USB Input Device. To change the name a program needs to call SetupDiGetDeviceRegistryProperty( SPDRP_FRIENDLYNAME ) and I feel CL should automatically do this.


You could use my SIV utility to do this by pressing [Restart] on the [Link Devices] panel.


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