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H80i GT with 6700k abrupt temp change


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Hello everyone,


I've just installed my new H80i GT on my i7 6700k. I was eager to overclock my system but decided to do a little temp test with the stock frequencies. My cpu was running very cool at normal conditions (22°C to 27°C), but as soon as I start prime95's test, the cpu temp jump to 66°C-71°C. The moment I stop the test, cpu temps return to normal (22°C to 27°C).


Do I have a problem with my cooling system? is it normal to have such a huge temp jump?


P.D: Windows 10, CoreTemp 1.0 RC7, Asus Z17-A, Ram@3000MHz.

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It is on Skylake and to a slightly lesser extent on other recent chips. Your "Auto" voltage default setting is a form of dynamic adaptive voltage. It will feed the chip a substantial amount of Vcore beyond what it normally would, especially those programs that use AVX instructions. (Asus puts a vague warning concerning this in a few places) Typically most monitoring programs have a voltage section that will tell just how much more. At any rate, it isn't really a problem unless you make use of AVX instruction programs as part of your normal work. It is something to keep an eye on while stress testing. I also agree you should try another stress test for comparison. It's always good practice when you get an abnormal result, but also Prime isn't really the go to choice on newer chips, unless you are customizing the instructions or are trying to set-up a 24/7 load system.


Since the temperature returned to normal right after the test, it does suggest the cooler is working correctly and the temperature is a product of the voltage applied. You might try using fixed voltage in your overclock tuning and testing process, before converting that Vcore number into adaptive voltage for everyday use.

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