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Upgrade FW Problem


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I bought to refurbished force gs 240.I used the new corsair tool box on one of them ssd's(both are on fw 5.07) upgraded to fw.5.24,but the other ssd will not upgrade to the fw 5.24 corsair tool box says on the ssd there is no new fw for the second ssd one it is on fw 5.07.


how i get both of these on fw 5.07 or 5.24 so i can put in raid 0

how can i get the 5.24 back to 5.07 since the other ssd says there is know fw update for it


so if i have 2 different FW on each ssd will this effect raid 0 or the performance of the ssd?

would this cause problems?


80 something views and no one can answer.



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Unfortunately, there isn't any way to downgrade or force update a firmware on a SSD. I the SSD toolbox says its up to date, then well, its up to date.


The different firmwares should not cause any issues with a RAID 0 array.


Thank u, I just installed windows 10 and seems to run fine.thanks again

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