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Two Macros, two different delays


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Hi all,


New owner of a K70 RGB here. Love it so far, but I have a problem.


I have searched the Forum, but couldn't find anything that would help me.


I have two simple Macros defined, say (a) and (b)

Both are a simple key-press (press, delay, release).

Both allow interruptions and resume.

Both have "Action Repeat" set to "on/off".

(a) has a constant delay of 20000ms, and (b) a constant delay of 60000ms.


Now, when (a) alone is active, it repeats fine every 20 seconds. If (b) is then activated, (a) does not fire anymore, but (b) repeats fine every 60 seconds.

Same is true vice versa.


So, the last activated Macro repeats, but the first is not firing anymore.


What do I miss?



I'm running Win10. I also have some Logitech software for my Mouse; not sure if that relevant though.


Many thanks!

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