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Macro for holding down a key. Not having desired effect..


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Okay, so I play an online game, and there's no auto-walk/run key. So I usually have a macro on my mouse to do this which works fine.

However I want to use it on my keyboard.


I have tried making a "macro" and a "keypress" action. I've changed things such as delay milisecond and the repeat options but it doesn't seem to work in-game.


In game the character stutters a lot as though the W key is being tapped so rapidly that I can't actually move forward.


Another thing, I'd like to have a macro key for W and a key for Shift, I want both of these to be on/off.


Example: I can tap one key to HOLD down W, and then tap the other key to hold down SHIFT so that I can run, and then tap the other key to turn off SHIFT (run) but the other macro will continue to hold W so I can walk.


Hope this makes sense, any idea how I can make this happen, the software seems pretty comprehensive but I think I'm missing an option or misunderstanding something.

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It is possible with this set up, though you do have to do z, slash, z, slash to get it to allow you to walk after stopping it, this might only be limited to SWTOR i would not know but if you want to try it, here's the link, editing the actions is self explanatory.




This does not include the shift macro.

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