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K95 RGB Owners: What are some disadvantages with the K95 compared to the k70?


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I've ordered a k95 Rgb but decided to cancel he order and buy a k70 rgb instead because I'm afraid that here arent a lot of supported profiles for the k95.

Is this true? I care mostly abut the popular profiles.

And can you import the more complicated k70 profiles to a k95 with the only difference being that the g keys dont light up or does the g keys mess things up?


Are there any other disadvantages to. of going with the k95?


I saw that there was an sdk profile for playing snake and avoiding red blocks aswell as an audio visualiser. All these were shown on a k95, do they also work for the k70?

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Really awsome post!, do you personally have the k95 rgb? What do you think?


Yes i do. Its a solid keyboard if you can justify spending extra for the extra 18 macro keys. I personally use the Strafe RGB on a day to day basis. Not because I like it more then the K65, K70, or K95, but because its the one i have to convert profiles to most often rn.

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The popular profiles are pretty much always converted to support the K95 (Thanks to zheren). I own and use the K95 and the biggest disadvantage I can think of is its size. The keyboard is pretty large, so it takes up lots of desk space. It looks impressive, but if you don't plan on using the G keys then you've made the right choice going with the K70 RGB.


I belive the audio visualizers will work with any keyboard; however not necessarily every SDK project can support multiple keyboards. For example, right now my "Binary Clock" program will only work on a K95 RGB because it displays time on the G keys.


Every CUE enabled keyboard supports the same types of macros and lighting effects. For some reason though, you can't import profiles very easily to keyboards the profile was not made on. (Unless you know how to convert profiles)


Advantages to K95 over K70:

Looks impressive

18 additional macro keys individually programmable per profile


Disadvantages to K95:

Not as popular as the K70 or STRAFE RGB (people aren't designing profiles with the K95 in mind, though they can still be converted)

It can take over the desk



If you want an easy time importing other profiles and not worrying if they will ever be converted to your keyboard or not, you should go with either the K70 or STRAFE RGB.

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