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Raptor LM2 - double-click issue / need drivers

The Last Sean

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Hi, everyone. First time posting here. I have a pretty annoying issue with my LM2 gaming mouse.


About 1/3 of the time, when I single-click, it instead registers as a double-click.


This results in accidentally closing multiple tabs, maximizing/restoring windows I don't mean to, putting videos in full-screen instead of pausing the video, etc.


There's also an issue where slightly less than half of the scrolls of the scroll wheel actually register in the opposite direction, causing a "two-step-forward-one-step-back" scenario any time I try to scroll on a page... It's maddening!


Anyway, the MAIN reason(s) for this post is the double-click issue, and also the fact that I can not find drivers/firmware updates for this mouse anywhere. I had, at one time, found a forum post which spoke about my issue and a possible solution of updating the firmware, but I can not find the drivers on Corsair's site.


Can anyone assist? Either in resolving my issue, or in finding drivers for this mouse?


P.S. This is a mouse I bought for work because I hate with a passion the five-cent Dell mice every employer seems to have in abundance. I've changed jobs since buying the mouse, and the same problem persists. In other words, this happens on multiple computers. One Lenovo laptop, and now a Dell tower.



Any help would be much appreciated!

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Mouse double clicking is an issue that plagues micro switches, I've had numerous issues in the past on several different mice from different manufacturers (all using omron switches actually) that exhibit this behaviour and it's always a hardware fault.


If your mouse is in warranty the only option is to RMA it, if it's out of warranty then it's a new mouse :|

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