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M90 Wheel is Broken - How to RMA?


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I just purchased this mouse last week and the wheel is broken. In Windows 10 when I scroll down with the wheel the cursor jumps to the bottom of the window and scrolling up doesn't work at all. The cursor just jumps all over the screen. After 3 days of struggling with this mouse, I have given up on it and plugged back in my $5 Amazon basics mouse (which has a wheel that actually works).


A quick google search seems to reveal that this is a common build quality issue with Corsair mice (for some reason, having only ever used their power supplies and cases, I always equated Corsair with quality).


Anyways, I can't stomach paying $80 for a mouse that can't even scroll properly with it's wheel. Can someone here point me to where I get a refund so I can seek out an actual functioning gaming mouse?

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Return it to the shop and get it exchanged, you should still have time since you got it only recently.


If not you can open a support ticket with Corsair and ask for RMA here: https://corsair.secure.force.com/


Thanks! I just submitted an RMA. No option for a full refund so hopefully the next one will have a functioning scroll wheel (fingers crossed)

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