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Corsair 1GB DDR XMS4000 Pro TwinX Help


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I have recently built a new computer system consisting of:


Abit AV8 3rd Eye Motherboard

Cpu amd64 3500+

Corsair 1GB DDR XMS(00 Pro TwinX (2x512MB)

300 GbSata Maxtor harddrive

Gainward 6800 Ultra

Tagan 480w power supply


I have read in this forum that the memory I have is not really suitable with AMD systems also there is a good chance that the computer company wont refund me my money for my memory purchase. Please could somebody tell me the best way to utilise the memory that I have in my new system.


Thanks for any Help.


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Welcome to the forums, katch22!


Well... PC4000 memory runs on a 250MHz BUS which is a pretty big overclock on an AMD system, but not unheard of.


However, that brings us to an important point: To get the most out of PC4000 memory, you must overclock your system. If you don't want to OC, then try for an exchange and get PC3200 memory which runs a 200MHz BUS and will run 1:1 with your CPU's FSB @ stock settings.


As is, if you don't overclock, it's not a travesty, just a waste of the memory since you'll be underclocking it by 50MHz.


All you can do (if you won't OC and plan on keeping it) is try and try on the latencies. The IC's in your memory really don't run consistently at anything below CAS 3 which is a performance bummer at a slower-than-rated speed.


However, you can always go into BIOS and one by one, modify the latencies to see what you can get it to run at. Start by setting the DDR VOltage to 2.9v and then try CAS 2.5-4-4-8... if that doesn't work, try 3-3-3-8 (instead of stock 3-4-4-8). I'm sure you get the point... you're really just seeing what extra bits of speed the memory will give you at PC3200 speeds.




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Thanks for the quick reply, I went into my bios and looked at changing the Voltage settings for the DDR but the max voltage that I can set it to is 2.8. What do the additional numbers mean in the CAS settings it seems that I can change the CAS settings to 2.5 but I am not sure what else I need to change. Sorry for being a bit slow on this matter.


Thanks Again


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