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MSI KT6 Delta vs. VS512MB400


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A couple of week ago I bought a MSI KT6 Delta together with an Atlon XP 3200+ and one VS512MS400 and this was the begining of a long story of troubleshooting and frustration :(:


Symptom: When running enhanced graphic applications (games of course) the PC is turned off after a random time. To turn it on again I need to switch off the power supply unit, wait 20 - 30 sec. and than switch it on again.


I tried several things (new power supply, new graphics card, BIOS updates, chip set updates, an additional VS512MB400...) without success.


Last week I ran the memtest32 the first time and I think I found the problem. This program always fails on test #7 (PC dies and I've to switch it of completely for 20-30 secs.) and this led me to this forum. And again I tried several things (timing and voltage settings) but nothing helped (BTW... a very good forum here)


The basic question is now: I couldn't find the KT6 Delta in the compatibility list (only a KT6-V...) Did the dealer sell me bad stuff?



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Welcome to the forums, rari!


The VS512MB400 module should work with your mainboard at 2.5-3-3-8 timings. You might want to verify this with CPU-Z, albeit Memtest86+ displays the latencies while testing.


If it kicks the bucket during the test and dies, you may very well have a bad module and be in need of an RMA, but for kicks, try lowering your CPU's multiplier by a few and see if that helps.


You should also make sure you've got the LATEST BIOS for your board to make sure it'll support your hardware.




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