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NEED Expert Assistance (Upgrade Issues)

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I just wrote a 5 paragraph description of my problem and lost it because I tried to preview it... Anyway... this description isnt going to be nearly as good as the last, due to lost time. But see if you can help me out...


I just upgraded my processor and ram.

I went from 1 gig (1x512 of cmx512-3200c2, 1x512 of cmx512-3200c2pro) and an AMD 64 3200+ sk:754

To 1.5 gig (3x512 of cmx512-3200c2pro) and an AMD 64 3400+ sk:754


After the upgrade I saw my benchmarks decline... especially in the area of the CPU. Someone on the futuremark forums said that it could possibly be that sinse now im using 3 dimm slots that the frequencies were reset.

If you want to check my 3dmark03 benchmarks here are the url(s):

Here are my results before the upgrade:

Here are my results for after upgrade:

In attempt to fix whatever the problem could be, I upgraded my bios, and chipset drivers. Checked the CPU's HTT frequency and multiplier value, (Turned out normal) I checked my bios, and saw that the ram was running at 100mhz and 3-3-3-8, I changed the latencies to 2.5-3-3-6 (As they should be) But I couldnt get my system to accept the ram at 200mhz (?) The max I could boot with was 166mhz. After doing so, there was still no 3dmark03 benchmark increases.


CPU-Z Reports mixed values:

In the memory tab:

Frequency - 169mhz (Slow, I know, But I cant set it to 200mhz)

Latencies - 2.5-3-3-6 (As it should be)

In the SPD tab:

Frequency - 200mhz (As it should be?)

Latencies - 3-3-3-8 (Default?)


I dont know what the deal is here Im just trying to get this system to run as it should... If you need me to provide more information to better the odds of identifying the problem, say so, and I will. Chances are they were included on the post I lost.

*Note the cpu performance benchmark difference in the links i provided, could ram even do that?

*Why cant I set my ram frequency to 200mhz?

*Does anyone have any idea whats throwing my system off?

(Any relevant input will help me)


Thanks alot. I greatly appreciate you for taking the time to read this and help me out.

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I think CK is correct. It is defaulting to DDR333/FSB166 due to the chipset load based on the RAM configuration. See if you have a way to manually reset the RAM and FSB to DDR400/FSB200. If not, you can either dump 1 stick of RAM or live with 166/333 IF you require 1.5gb of RAM.



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I never knew that there were restrictions... I thought it was all straight foward. You say that the frequency is limited by the chipset... Any chance its pulling CPU power aswell? Im going to drop a 512 as soon as I get the chance... then I'll post back.


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