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ValueSelect recommended BIOS settings


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I have a mathced pair of Corsair ValueSelect model VS1GBKIT400 512 mb sticks running on an MSI K8N Neo Platinum socket 754 motherboard.


I have the mobo running "optimized defaults." This motherboard also has dynamic overclocking which I am considering turning on. It's running an Athlon64 3200+


For dynamic OC (up to 15% OC), what would be good timings and voltage settings for these chips? I believe the BIOS default is 2.6v and 2.5-3-3-8.




A footnote:


I realize that these chips are not "meant" for overclocking and I don't plan on overclocking very much or very often. The motherboard has the option to dynamically overclock whenever my machine requires extra performance. Since I run mostly Adobe & Macromedia desktop software the CPU is usually not pegged. However, i often also use 3d CAD programs and raytracing software which is EXTREMELY cpu intensive. A little extra "oomph" now and then would be great! However, since this is fairly critical data i also don't want to have horribly corrupt data because the voltages are wrong or something...

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Welcome to the forums, ronning!


The default of 2.5-3-3-8 up to 3-4-4-8 would be pretty safe to use, but I'd also bump the DDR votage upwards of 2.7 or 2.75 for an OC.


You should backup the computer (or hotswap a disk) and then manually overclock the system to see how high you can get it to go while remaining stable, then set those maximums into your dynamic profile. That way it won't ever cause it to go beyond it's limits.


Good luck!




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the core center software included with the MSI mobo allows runs a test in windows pushing the OC until the system reboots and then throttles it back a bit and reports the system's "safe" OC level. So I'll do that and use that as a benchmark for the maximum dynamic OC of the BIOS.


I'll try 2.7 volts.


Is there a voltage that would be *damaging* to these chips? Do I risk damage at a voltage above 2.7?

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