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[Need Help] H100i Pump not working


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Hey everyone, so a couple days ago I noticed my CPU was reaching 100C and something was wrong. I did a lot of searching and it turns out my pump is not working and I was looking for any solutions before I RMA. The pump is detected in corsair link and says it is running at max RPM. I can also feel it running, but one reservoir is hot while the other is cold. It has worked great for a year, so I don't think it is an issue with thermal paste and would like to search for other issues.




i7 4790k, no overclocking

Corsair H100i with stock fans



So far I have checked all the options and found that

1) temperature is around 95C idle

2) applying pressure does not change temperature at all

3) one reservoir is very hot, the other is cold

4) no leaks in the radiator

5) it is plugged into the CPU fan header

6) no kinks, radiator and fans are not loose


Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions, I appreciate it. I will lay down my computer for a couple of hours to see if it is an air bubble issue.

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