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Air raid siren?


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My machine recently began issuing a rising/falling hornlike sound, usually in 2 or 2 1/2 cycles before it shuts down. This happens anywhere from a few seconds to several minutes after the computer is operating. The sound is distinct from the usual beeps and sounds more like a sick cow or an air raid siren.


The folks at Award Bios say it's not their warning and most likely is a RAM problem.


I also checked and reinstalled the CPU to make sure that wasn't the problem.


I have two Corsair Valueselect modules. They are VS512MB400 from Lot 0350051. The computer has a Gigabyte MOBO GA-7VT600(-L) 1.x and XP Pro. The Award bios has been flashed to F12.


I thought I'd remove one module and try a start-up and do it again with the other to see if that isolates the problem. But if anyone in the forum has seen this before it could save all that trouble. Any ideas?




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The air raid siren should be linked to a voltage issue. I would go into BIOS and check the voltages. If any drop below or rise above the alarm rate the siren should go off. It would be wise to remove one component at a time to try and track down what is causing the power to go up or down.
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