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Help This RAM crashes my computer


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I bought a new Value select RAM corsair VS512MB333 lot#0441007-0 on NOV 4 th came in NOV 8th to upgrade my son's HP (dont laugh) Compaq presario computer

M.B. ASUS N8X-LA -the BIOS setting dont allow tweaking at all.

Athlon XP 3200+

It has a PC 2700 256 MN infeion(sp) and spec state it can take 2 (1GB chips). This Ram was placed right after I upgraded the power supply (350) and video card (ATI 128 9600 xt to run World of Warcraft.


IT then started the Blue screen of death crashes IRQ not equal


I almost chucked the puter out the window :mad: ----------tried everything to fix it

upgraded every driver windows everything reinstalled win xp and stoopid me got an idea maybe its the RAM. I swapped the 256 and ran it solo no crashes I ran the Corsair 512 lots of crashes tohether lots of crashes. Help I called the retailer and they said sorry 30 days has passed - no returns (Sorry The Army makes you go TDY without your express written permission.


Please help :confused:

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