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VS512MB266 continued problems


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I have a VS512MB266 module, lot 0414054-4, which I returned some time ago due to memtest errors. I recieved the module back in a very timely fashon, but never got around to testing it, as I had replaced it in the meantime. I did notice that the solder pads around one of the chips looked like the chip had been replaced.


Anyhow, I go to use this a week ago in one of my computers (it was an intel board) and the computer would not boot. The computer boots fine with two other modules, incidentally of the same model number.

I set it aside for further testing later.


Tonight, I tested the module in a brand new athlon motherboard... a via KT333 based K7VTA3. The system would not boot if the VS512MB266 module was in, alone, or paired with the 256MB corsair value select module. The system boots fine with the 256MB corsair value select module alone. The 256MB module is a 400Mhz part, though I don't think that would make much difference, the system ought to be able to handle the 266Mhz ram.

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