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Graphite 600T full acrylic side panel WIP


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Hey guys,


Let me just get this out of the way. I decided on the 600T for my new PC solely on a few images I've found on Google of the case with a full acrylic side panel. I just loved the way it looked, especially with some tasty water cooling inside and I just had to have it.


It wasn't only after I had already owned the case that I started researching into it and found that there doesn't seem to be any sort of cad drawings or sketches out there that would help me and I realized I'd have to do this from scratch.


So I've spent the better part of this lazy Sunday measuring, tracing, scanning and drafting in AutoCAD and CREO (it's a good thing I do this sort of thing for a living (some extra loud new retro wave helps too)) and this is where I am right now:




There's a few snags, though, and they're basically the primary reason why I'm doing this thread ahead of the final build showcase and it's due to the nasty niggle that the original panel is curved towards the left and right edge. In the above image, the panel thickness is 10mm with a 2mm chamfer on each side. As such, in the middle of the panel, it will sit 5mm inside and become flush with the case on the sides. The latch holes have a 3mm bevel to have the latches lie completely flush with the surface.


This, however, means that the little hooks on the latches that grab onto the case are now 5mm further in the case than they were before and won't hold the panel in place, as the panel is 5mm thinner at the latch positions.


One solution to this would be to make the panel out of 15mm material, making it flush for the most part and where the latches are, but that way it would jut out 5mm at the edges.




Another solution would be to pad the inside of the case where the latch hooks on. I think there's enough room.


Yet another solution, on the other hand, would be to completely ignore the latches and go with another mechanism, such as adhesive magnetic strips and have something like a leather strap on the top to pull the panel off.




The part of the case the side panel sits against is steel, so that would work. I had planned on painting the edges (and a bit more) of the inside of the panel black (or something similar to the case's own paint scheme) to hide some of the inside bits like the drive bays, so the magnetic strips wouldn't be visible anyway.


Any thoughts on this? Also, has anyone here done this in the past and can shed some light on any other issues that might come up?


May thanks! :)


I might share the CAD file with the community once I know everything is fine... if that's OK with Corsair...

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excelent work, i hope you share a copy of your cad file so i can get a panel for my rig :)

Well, it took quite a while, but I have the damn thing installed. I used self-adhesive magnetic tape. It's strong enough to hold it in place and it looks super clean.




The frosted part and the black border are vinyl stickers applied from the inside to cover a few of the less pretty parts on the inside of the case.


Here's also the AutoCAD .dxf file. I left the holes for the latches in, but they can be easily removed if you don't want them.

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