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Hey guys,

My bro bought a stick of corsair value select (vs512mb400) and brought it to me after having some issues.

Memtest 86 is showing anything above 470mg is bad. The 3 pc's I tried it in would crash under high memory usage, and in one case would not even allow me to load the windows installer program. It would hang after "Setup is starting windows". A new stick of tested corsair has fixed all these problems, but I would like to get this one replaced and up the memory in my little sis's pc. Who knew the sims II took so much :).


Last system tested in consisted of a MSI KT6V, Semptron 2400, 32mg video card, 80gig hd, and a dvd drive (specs arent that important).




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Are you trying to run 3 modules in a KT600 chipset MB? If so, please try and set the memory Frequency at 100% or DDR266 and then test the system with http://www.memtest.org. And I would set the Dim Voltage to +.2 Volts as well. If you are still have problems please test them one up, and let’s make sure one is not failing.
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