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A8V ?bad stick of TwinX3200XL


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I've been mucking about for a while now without luck. My machine boots and runs fine with one stick of CMX512-3200XL and runs memtest 86+ overnight without errors. With both sticks in, or just the other stick alone, it won't post ;no beeps, black screen and monitor remains on standby. I flashed to the latest bios version 1008, and it'll only post with auto detected default bios settings. It seems that if I change anything, it won't post beyond where I can enter the bios screen--just hangs, black screen after I 'enter' new settings. It was fine with the one stick and the older bios 1007 (I'll flash back). CPUZ shows that RAS to CAS is auto detected at 3 with bios 1008 (2 with 1007). Perhaps this is why it won't post after changing settings... Memory voltage was set to 2.7 and 2.8V with 1007, and still no post with the 'bad' stick. I've even replaced the mobo with a similar one with the same result. Is it RMA time? :confused:
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