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Ram voltage question


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I have this ram


and this mobo

ABIT "NF7-S2G" nForce2 Ultra 400 Chipset Motherboard For AMD Socket A


The defualt setting for the mobo's ddr ram voltage is 2.6 and the ram supports 2.5. Should I bump it down? I have been getting random restarts and lock ups and if it is suppose to have that high of voltage could that cause my problem? Also the voltage reads in both windows and bios health as .05 volts higher than it is set to so it is at 2.65. I think this could cause the problem. Am I right??

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I have the exactly same problem, CAS3 memory, VS512MB400C-3


but with a DFI Ultra Infinity, it don't runs 20 seconds of memtest86 without giving me maybe 20 to 50 errors :eek: :confused:


I tryed to put them into 133 MHz 1:1, nothing, errors, 200 MHz, by SPD, everything, and they give me a lot of errors.


I'm using some Corsair 256MB CAS2.5 (VS256MB400) at 133 MHz and no problems (im installing windows), i put them into 200 MHz, 133 MHz, and 0 errors for more than 2 minuts.


I already installed winXP, im updating it, and 0 freezes, no erros, perfect.


In some hours i'll test them with 200 MHz and SPD.


I think the CAS3 module (VS512MB400C-3) is not ok, maybe i will RMA it. :mad:


**i tested the CAS3 memory with 2.6vdimm and the hardware monitor reports 2.65 to 2.68v of vdimm. The CAS2.5 at the same voltage runs very good :) what's the maximun voltage recommended for the CAS2.5 babes?

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