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Headset vegeance h2100 not charging


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I bought 6 months ago one Corsair Vengeance H2100, I had no problem until today (04/11/2015), one Wednesday. Summing up the story, I put the headset to charge and soon realized that the warning lights do not lit. I saw that the problem was not on the cable but on the handset own entrance.

I look forward a support response, thank you.

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Do you means the headset charging port is faulty/damaged?

Have you tried a different USB port?


Connect the charging cable and turn the headset on. Does Windows detect the headset being charged?


Should appear as "Corsair H2100 Headset Charger" (Something along the lines of that) in Devices and Printers.

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I mean the port of the headset, the usb cable and the usb port from my pc are both working fine. The problem is on the headset.



If the charge port is loose and is no longer charging, this unit will need to be replaced under the 2 year warranty.


To submit a RMA, please go to https://corsair.secure.force.com/

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