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CMX512-3200C2.5 Failing MemTest86+ In my System


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Ram Guy:


I have the Corsair CMX512-C3200C2.5 memory in my system at home and have been having problems with it. Problems like unexplained reboots, game freezes, errors with windows applications followed with memory error read/write reports, etc.





XMS3200 512MB 400MHz CL2.5




ATHLON XP 2.4+, 133MHz FSB

AGP Voltage AUTO


Used CL2 and CL2.5

Used 333Mhz and 400Mhz

And the other settings: AUTO


I got MemTest-86 v3.2 and proceeded to test the Corsair DIMMs in my system. I was surprised to find MemTest86+ showing up more than 300 errors on the DIMM, particulary at 485.1MB and 501.9 MB.


I'm sure the DIMM is bad, and would like to RMA them.


I bought the DIMM at mwave.com and at present i am living outside the U.S. in Colombia, South America. how can i do the RMA process in this country (Colombia)?


Thank you.

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Yes, My Processor is an Athlon Xp 2400+ at 2000Mhz.


I already tried these three settings.


266 Mhz - Cas 2 / 2.5

333 mhz - Cas 2 / 2.5

400 Mhz - Cas 2 / 2.5


I used the recommended timing too:



But the problem still there!.


A short brief of my system:

Athlon Xp 2400+ at 2000Mhz

Msi Kt4 Ultra SR

120gb 7200rpm Maxtor HDD

Ati Radeon 8500 128mb.

Sound Blaster Audigy


Thank you.

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Ram Guy


I tested the DIMM on a friend's system as you suggested me, but the problem persists!


I think I need to RMA it.


Please Tell me if can I send the DIMM to Corsair Memory and they can send me the replace to my address in Colombia, South America ??


Thank You!

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I just received a CMX512-3200 XMS3200v1.2 DIMM Module, the replace for my old one


CMX512-3200 XMS3200v2.2 but when i installed it in my MB i got a RAM test = 768MB not 512MB and lots (thousands) of errors with MEMTEST+.

Is the system configuration wrong?? Is the new DIMM bad??


i used many setting to test the DIMM, here is a description:


(Setting from my BIOS -> MB is a MSI KT4-Ultra SR with rev. 1.0 BIOS)


Current Host Clock = 133Mhz

Configure SDRAM timings by: SPD and User

SDRAM Frequency = Auto, 266MHz, 333Mhz and 400Mhz

SDRAM CAS# Latency= 2.5 and 3

Row Precharge Time= 2T

RAS Pulse Width= 6T and Auto

RAS to CAS delay= 3T and Auto

Bank Interleave= 4-Way

DDR DQS Input Delay= Auto -> system Default

SDRAM Burst Length= 4QW -> system Default

SDRAM 1t Command= Disabled and Enabled

Fast Command= Normal -> system default

Fast R-2-R Turnaround= Disabled and Enabled

Agp Voltage= 2.7V and Auto


I installed the DIMM alone, not mixed.


Is possible that the DIMM your company sent me don't work with my MB?

What is the difference between XMS3200v1.2 and XMS3200v2.2?


Thank You!

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  • Corsair Employees
Are you trying to mix Rev 1.2 and 2.2? If so it may be the older module has an older version of SPD. Please reply to the email you got from ram@corsairmemory.com and let them know you are having trouble and I would suggest you get both modules replaced so they match. But these 2 modules should be based on Winbond Rev C IC's so they should be the same.
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Ram Guy:


I only have the XMS3200v1.2 DIMM!


The XMS3200v2.2 was the old DIMM I sent to Corsair with the RMA# R66577.


I installed the XMS3200v1.2 alone, not mixed. The memory test shows 768MB instead of 512MB (the right size for this DIMM). The settings I used are explained in the previous post.


Is this new DIMM Bad?


Thank you.

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Ram Guy:


I tested the XMS3200v1.2 DIMM in a friend’s system, here is a short brief:


Athlon Xp 2800+ FSB 166Mhz

Msi KT6 Delta

512MB MarkVision DDR 333Mhz Memory

80gb 7200rpm Maxtor HDD

MSI GeforceMx 5200 128mb.

450W PSU


* The XMS3200v1.2 DIMM was tested alone, not mixed with other memory.


The settings are the same I used in my system.


But the problem persists, the Ram Test shows 768MB instead 512MB and Windows XP don’t boot and reset the system continuously.


If matters my old DIMM was a XMS3200v2.2 CAS 2.5 and the one your company sent me is CAS 3.


I think the DIMM your company sent me is bad!!


What do you think?

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