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bad xms so-dimms


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I have an inspiron 9100 and upgraded to 2x cmxsd512-3200LL.


I got the xms memory because a bunch of people w/ i9100 and XPS laptops said it worked great and I've never had problems w/ corsair before.

Anyway, one of the modules burned up 3 hrs after installation and some stability issues. Newegg replaced it pretty quickly but I'm having the same issues with new one. The only way I can get either of them to work is to slow it down by pairing it with something different and slower.


I tested them w/ memtest86+ and got some subpar results. The first time it got 423 errors in the first pass and locked up after 30 mins. the second tie it locked up after five mins w/ no errors. The third try I got 1445 errors after the second pass and it locked up after only 50 mins.


So am I just unlucky... is it the dual memory controllers, the heat, or am I just missing something?


btw: I also noticed the replacement module had a different board layout. Does that make a difference?


Thanks in advance. :o:

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XMS is supposed to be the better memory... if it can't run at the described speed on certain computer, such as mine, then there should be some kind of disclaimer... and it worked for others with the same computer.

So, am I stuck, or can you exchange my xms memory for the slower stuff??


Thanks again.

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Can you describe "burned up"? Did the module smoke? What frequency and timings is memtest saying the memory is running at?


If the two XMS modules that you currently own have a different layout I would suggest returning them both to Corsair and getting modules that have the same layout. There should be no problem running those modules in that laptop.

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