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Asus P5AD2-E and Corsair Dual Channel


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I am having problems with running 2x512mb Corsair XMS 5400C4 in Dual Channel.

My computer is at 4.0 GHZ on a fsb of 286 . DDR2 is running at 763mhz.

When i run the memory at dual channel i get sudden reboots when under load and errors with memtest.

When i dont run the memory in dual channel it works fine and no errors in memtest!

raising the voltage for the memory seems to make it even worse.

Im totally confused and hope you guys can help me.


and yes im on the latest bios

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I just wrote this mail to asus ,hopefully ill get a response that will help :





I have issues running in Dual channel memory with 2x 512MB Corsair XMS5400 modules.

My system is overclocked and running at 286 FSB and i get errors in Dual Channel mode. However when i run the memory in Single Channel mode i dont get errors at all !

Is this going to be fixed in a bios ?? it seems to be a bug. I paid 230$ for this mobo

these kind of errors should not happen, even MSI motherboards dont have bugs like these. Are you going to address this issue to your superiors or just reply with something that won't help me at all ? Looking forward to your reply..





John Edwards


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