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cmx512-3200llpt on a8v


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I recently bought an asus a8v deluxe wireless mobo and an athlon 64 3800.

When I put in the cmx512-3200llpt (2 sticks of this running in dual channel) I cannot run it on auto settings, I tried the recommended settings written on the stick but these didn't work either. I can get into windows but occasionally games crash and memtest86 shows errors. I am running in slots 2-4, have the 1008 bios, the ram is at 2.7 volts and have tried 2.8. The ram on the corsair site is rated as 2,3,2,6, however my sticks have 2,2,2,6,t1 written on them - is this right? So far I have only got no errors on timings of 2.5,3,3,11. This seems a bit wrong, what do you recommend?


Thanks in advance.

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You "might" be able to run at 2,3,3,6 timings. Or, something odd like 2,3,3,11 as some of the AMD MOBOs like that 4th timing really high. Most likely, this is a chipset limitation or a bios issue that limits the MOBO to not running the stock timings of the LL RAM. This type of limitation was common on the Intel 875/865 based MOBOs also and so far, it seems like some of the current AMD MOBOs are the same way.


Also, you can run 2.8v on that RAM safely as it is withing spex.



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Thanks for your help so far,


Just to update you... I've tried all settings that everyone has suggested above but last night my system was locking up, re-starting and blue screening. i just can't get it to remain stable. Do you think that the ram is faulty? If it is then I have a question. I live in England so will I have to try my reseller or is there a different place I can send it?



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Thanks for all your help,


I have tested my system with a cheap stick of ram and I got no errors so it must be the corsair item that is at fault.


As I live in England I will try my reseller first and if not then I will return it to corsair.





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