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CMX512-3200C2 XMS3202v5.1 bad timings


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I bought 2 of this Corsair Memory: CMX512-3200C2 XMS 3202v5.1.

I plugt them into my brand new Abit KV8Pro 3-rdEye with latest BIOS

and I was realy disapointed by the overclocking performance.

They run as fast as my old TakeMS CL3!

I tried max VCore/VDimm (1,85/2,80) and with worst stepping CL3 they

even didnt hit 226MHz stable on a Clawhammer A64 2800+ (C0 stepping).

If I run them CL2 after a while I get a crash.


Could someone tell what the problem could be? I wont believe that I

spent a lot of money for crap.

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Is that 266 Mhz as in (2x266 = 533 Mhz DDR) or 266 as in (2x133 = 266 Mhz DDR)? Normal DDR is 200 Mhz as in (2x200 = 400 Mhz DDR).


If the former, then that's a great OC, of the latter then there's something going on (obviously). Is it running by itself? Have you tried it in other slots?

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Well I said 226 not 266. And 226 with CL3 and worst timings.


This Board only has 2 MemSlots. I dont think it will be a difference if I switch the slots.

The memory is now running on CL2.5 3-3-6 but I dont have made burn-in tests because I am afraid of a crash ^^.

Corsair says this memory is for oc'ing and oc-friendly. And that means for me a bonus (what I pay for) to get some more MHz than specified.

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The memory dont run stable with 200MHz CL2.5 3-3-6 and 2,65 VDim. It crashs with no return quite fast at burn-in.

Is this correct for a corsair (this one)?

For the next test I'll follow your adviced timings on 226 MHz.


OK, that's what we need to know. It is not running stable at default speeds. OC'ing it is useless unless it's stable at warrantied speeds.


Try 2.7 like Ram Guy said, you may want to try 2.75 or 2.8 if 2.7 isn't completely stable.


Tun http://www.memtest.org to test the memory, one stick at a time,

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