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Well I have been told this is the place to come if I am having trouble so here goes.


I bought 2 sticks of matched Corsair XMS memory (512x2 2-2-2-5) from Newegg on the 9th of September for my new system (full specs here: http://www.tgupdate.com/sissoftresults.html). Shortly after putting the sytem together, I began experiencing some random restarts and various game crashes........it was only every now and then at first but is now a frequent occurance mabye 2 or 3 times a day. The restarts also seem to be totally random (During any and every game....while sufring the web...even while the machine is just sitting there doing nothin special).


I have swapped out many components (I own 11 other machines so spare parts are abundant) and still was having the same trouble. I had pretty much tried everything cept the mobo, memory and CPU. A bud suggested I try running memtest to see how the memory was. Well I ran it last eve and it came up with 78 errors! I then tried pulling one stick out and running it again with just one stick (to see if maybe only one stick was having trouble) and it came up with about 50. So today I pulled the memory and popped in 2 512 sticks of XMS from another machine (but this stuff is 2-2-2-6 instead of 5). I have now been playin various games and runnin the occasional 3Dmark and haven’t had a crash since (bout 10 hours so far). So I am pretty sure I have some bad modules. They have never been Oced in any way and as far as software, all of the drivers and other software on the machine is up to date as of last Monday (I did a complete format of the Hard Drive last week just to rule out anything there.)


So…um…what do I do now?

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The exact model Number is: TWINX1024-3200XLPT As for revision....erm, what would that be? As for "other sticks of mem" I was running 2 additional sticks of the same type of Corsair at 256 meg per but they were pulled about a month ago for another machine I have so its just the two sticks of Corsair in atm. As for voltage, its at whatever the MSI Neo2 Plat defaults to. Is bumping that up really reccomended? I dont wish to do further damage or void my warranty. (responses from me may take a bit as my 10 day old son :):):):) takes up a lot of time :)
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  • Corsair Employees
I would not suggest more than 2 modules of XMS3200XL with most MB's especially if you have an AMD64 system. In addition, if you have a socket 754 MB then I would use slots 1-3 and set the Dim Voltage to 2.8 Volts and set the timings to Cass 2-3-2-6 with the Rass to Cass (TRCD) set to "3" and test with http://www.memtest.org. If you have the socket 9393 version of that MB then use slots 3-4 and set the Dim Voltage to 2.8 Volts with the timings as listed before and test the system. But when and if you reply including a bit more detail about your system will really help us to help you.
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  • Corsair Employees
What is the exact part# of your modules? And what bios version do you have and I would suggest you create a signature and copy your spec to it. In addition what slots do you have the modules in and did you try setting the Rass to Cass to "3" and set the Dim Voltage to 2.8 Volts? And I would try another PSU with your config at least 450 Watts if not 510 Watt.
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OK, exact part number is: DUAL DDR 1GB|PC3200XLPT CORSAIR RT

(Serial#: 0BZSDV020000079)


As for the bios, I have updated to the latest. I have tried pretty much every slot config under the sun and 2.8 volts as well as the auto setting.


I thought it may still be the PS so I just bought a new one of those as well, its a 480 watt purepower Thermaltake.


And about the Cas setting...I can try 3 if ya like but I paid for 2 and 2 is what I would like in the end. So what is the next step here?

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  • Corsair Employees
Well this is not working very well. And I do not how to answer your questions unless you can help me with some details about your system. Like, for example, It would help to know the exact MB you have, is it a socket 939 or socket 754? Maybe it would be best if you call our Tech support at 510-657-8747 and Choose option "3"!
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Ok, thought I had provided good info but previuosly but here goes.



The problem(s) I am having:


Random restarts of the PC during various games and when just on the desktop. Random total frezze ups during various games. (Various games include: WoW, HL2, Doom3, Pirates, BFME, Unreal Tourney 2004 and a few others)





Power Supply - Thermaltake W0010 Silent Purepower 480W with Black housing

CPU - AMD Athlon 64 4000+

Mobo - MSI Neo2 Platinum Socket 939

Mem - 1 gig (2 sticks of 512)Corsair TwinX 3200 DDR 2-2-2-5

Video - BFG 6800 Ultra OC

Sound - SB Audigy2

HDD - 120 GIG Maxtor 7200 RPM 8 meg Buffer

Ethernet - 10/100/1000 onboard

CDROM - 52x Lite On

CDRW - 52x Lite On

DVD - 16x Lite On

Monitor - NEC FP2141sb 22"

Speakers - 5.1 Logitech Z680

Mouse - Logitech Dual optical

2nd Mouse - Logitech MX900 (BlueTooth)

Keyboard - Logitech Elite (BlueTooth)

Floppy - Mitsumi 1.44

OS - Windows XP Pro



The EXACT memory I have is:


CORSAIR XMS Xtreme Memory Speed Series, Xtra-Low Latency 184-Pin 1GB(512MBx2) DDR PC-3200 w/ Platinum Heat Spreader, Model TWINX1024-3200XLPT (Serial#: 0BZSDV020000079)



and the webpage I purchased it from is:





I have tried the following and still have the same random restarts and lockups:


New PS

New mobo

Different (and no) soundcard

Different HDD

Latest drivers on all components

Latest Bios for the motherborad

Older drivers for all components

Different video Card(s)

Cas settings of 2 and 3

Voltage settings of auto and 2.8

Usig all possible slot combinations for the memory in the mobo



I have tried the following that completly solved the problem:


Replaced this memory with Corsair from another PC I have.




Why on EARTH I havent been told "oh well thats easy, you have some bad modules. Here's how to RMA" is so far beyond me I cant even comprehend it. But I will just keep trying till I get new modules. If calling that number is the only way to go then I will call no problem but it would be nice if I could be told here what to expect and if indeed an RMA or exchange of some kind will be possible.


This is the best that the situation can be explained......I cant think of ANYTHING that I have left out but if there is something please let me know and I will add that info.


Thanks again,

Mark Holmes



Edit: If ya wanna tell me the EXACT mobo settings for this baord that I should be trying (all of em...not just the Cas or Cas to RAs but all settings for this exact board) then I will try those :)

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  • Corsair Employees

If you have tried any of these things, then by all means proceed for the RMA, but from what you have posted, the problem does not sound like it’s a module problem. However, I would suggest that you install the modules in slots 1-2 and then go to Bios setup and load optimized/setup defaults and then set the Dim Voltage to 2.8 Volts and test the modules with http://www.memtest.org if you get errors in test 3 or 5 only that would suggest some other problem, and based on your config I would try and new PSU if you can. If you get errors on test 4 that might suggest a bad module. However, if you have a 90nm CPU you might need to get the latest beta bios from MSI to resolve this. But random restarts with no warning or BSOD message or normally caused by voltage or a driver issue.

If you just want to try new modules! Please follow the link in my signature “I think I have a bad part!” and we will be happy to replace them or it!

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