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Asus Bios settings


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I have the CPU P4/2.8CGHz 800M 478P/512K HT RT



I ran several passes of memtest and while the software did not find any major problems, it did show some settings to be different.


It showed

L1 8

L2 512

I875P ECC dis

fsb 199


settings at

ram 159 mk

ddr 318

2.5 - 3 - 3 - 7

rsvdmem 864

Cache on

ecc off

std test


Seems the ram is not set correctly. I had the local computer shop put in ram when I had locally bought some bad ram (long story).


Are the settings changeable in the bios?? If so, is it somewhere I need to remove auto, or turn on turbo?


I appreciate any help,

kentucky dan

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What RAM are you running? Also, the instructions for changing the bios are in the manual. It will be in the bios section and the RAM timings are adjustable under the ADVANCED/CHIPSET tab. You will have to disable the SPD and this will reveal the RAM options you can change. What you can change them to will be primarily determined by what RAM you have.



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