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Toshiba A75-S206 not reading all RAM installed


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Dear Help,


I have purchased a Toshiba A75-S206 which comes with 512mb of RAM installed and one slot available for more RAM, upgradeable to 1.5Gb. When I installed the 512mb 200 pin SoDIMM of Corsair RAM it works fine except that the system recognizes only 896mb of RAM instead of 1024mb (1 Gb). I am running Windows XP Pro. Any recommendations? Thanks for your help.

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Welcome to the forums, pcfed!


Well, you're running exactly 128Mb's short of 1024, which leads me to believe it's being reserved for system usage, probably integrated graphics (shared memory graphics card).


Your specs say it's a Radeon 9000 w/ 64Mb's of shared memory, but maybe with the extra SODIMM it auto-increased to 128... might shoot Toshiba a message if you wanted to know how to change it back, but it's not really an issue, IMHO.




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