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Problems with both my CM64SD256-2100


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My (outdated) gaming rig went down for the count several months ago. I've been getting by on other systems, but it is time to bring this thing back to life.


After several failed installs of XP SP2, I ran Memtest86. The first run was with both sticks in, and it gave me several errors. I went down to 1 stick, and again got several errors (thousands). I switched to the other stick, and got fewer errors, but after 1 hour of running, it is up to over 500 errors. I can't reinstall the OS with either stick in, let alone both sticks at once.


I'm not much of a hardware person, and the system is not overclocked. The board is a Gigabyte GA-7DX, revision 4 with release 8 of the BIOS. All the BIOS memory settings are at their default.


Do I just need an RMA, or is there something I can do?

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Athlon 1200

Gainward GeForce2 MX Series AGP card

Western Digital 80GB drive (new)

generic CD-ROM (pulled from a working system)


I've pulled all other PCI cards. The PSU is only feeding the fans (3), the drives and the mobo. The Athlon uses the retail fan and heatsink. I have a new 350 watt power supply, and the case is more than adequetly cooled for the hardware.

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I sent in my defective memory with the RMA I was given on December 14th. USPS confirmed delievery on the 18th. I've e-mailed the person who sent me the RMA number and didn't get a response, is there a way I can get a status on my return?
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