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Non-POSTing PC-2100


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I have a pair of 1GB PC2100 ECC DDR that were supplied with a shipment of 4 Racksaver RS1100 servers. These were left to me by my predecessor with a note that they were bad and a partially-completed Corsair paper RMA form. They sat on the shelf for some months because, well, other issues consumed our attention and I just didn't want to send them back without knowing what the score really was.


Well, we had the opportunity to test these sticks in 2 known-good Racksavers that we took off-line from our cluster just to do this test. Sure enough, these 2 RS-1100s which will boot fine with the Corsair PC-2100 RAM that they have will *not* boot -- not complete POST -- with this pair installed not if we include either of these 2 in a pair with another known-good stick.


So, it looks like that RMA form was on the right track. Should I go complete one on-line?



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