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ASUS P5AD2 & TWIN2X1024-4300C3


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I noticed some people are experiencing a similar problem, but hopefully someone can help.


I just built a new system and when I run any game my system crashes within 1-10 minutes. By crash I mean the screen goes black and the system reboots itself.


The windows environment is operating fine (no crashes yet). I monitored the temperature of CPU & GPU and ruled out heat as a possible cause.


I noticed that my memory type is not listed for the P5AD2 on Corsairs site, but could that be causing this problem?


I downloaded the memory test from Microsoft and LRAND & WMATS+ fails, but I'm not sure what this means. I have tried latest drivers from ASUS and Ati.


All memory settings in BIOS are set to default (Auto)


Windows XP Pro SP2

ASUS P5AD2 Premium

Intel LGA 775 3.6Ghz

Corsair TWIN2X1024-4300C3


WD Raptor 74Gb SATA



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I had an identical system as your, and ss I posted on the sticky above that addresses this board, a lot of people are having problems and it's not the power supply, memory or BIOS settings. The boards, and in particular the ones released first, seem to have a range of problems although these uncommanded reboots under load are the most common. After changing everything out like everyone else, and trying 5 differenct power supplies, I returned the board. The second board never made it into Windows, it would get to a certain place then reboot the system every time. I went to an Intel D925 board and it's been stable as a rock for two months now.


Collectively, we all have wasted a lot of time on a board that clearly wasn't ready for release. Asus has been pretty good over the years, but they dropped the ball on this one. Best of luck.



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RAM GUY.....Thank you sooo much! I did exactly what you said and everything is running very well. I played Doom 3 and Far Cry for about 5 hours without any problems. Well...The 3.6 LGA 775 runs quite hot and it might be a problem in the summer, but that is a different problem alltogether.


My only regret is that I did not find this forum sooner. I wish ASUS tech support read these forums. They wanted me to replace power supply, video card, etc. :mad:


Oddlycalm, thanks for the info. I will watch for similar problems and, if I must, get a different mobo. :(:

I am very suprised to hear of all the problems with the P5AD2 as I have been one of the ASUS faithful for the past 8 years.

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