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Corsair Link seemingly not allowing display to enter power saving mode


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Good afternoon! I'd first like to say I've had wonderful experiences with Corsair products in the past, and this one is no exception. The RM850i more than solved the problem I was having with the old power supply, and for that I'm quite happy.


The problem I'm having now is my monitor will no longer turn itself off after a period of inactivity. The only thing to have changed from 24 hours ago to now is the new power supply and installation of the Corsair Link software/driver.


It's a little troubling, because I'm trying to preserve the life of the display as it's old by today's standards, and can't afford to buy a new one at this time


The power options: http://i.imgur.com/h9gCQ3S.jpg


Pertinent info:

Corsair RM850i PSU (using USB cable to the motherboard)

Corsair Link v3.2.5695

Radeon R9 290 with driver up-to-date

Acer P201w display

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As a little bit of an update, I removed the Corsair Link drivers, software, and unplugged the USB cable. I restarted the computer, and the monitor enters sleep mode once more. Leaving the USB plugged in resulted in the drivers simply reinstalling themselves and still caused the monitor to not sleep.


Perhaps I will revisit the Corsair Link monitoring capability another time (perhaps once Win10 has been out for a while, and all the bugs with everything seem to be ironed out). Either way, the main cause of this seems to be the driver(s) forcing the monitor to stay active.

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This is odd. I've had this happening on my desktop at home and thought nothing of it but it may be worth taking a look at.


Interesting. I have observed my monitor jump in and out of standby for no apparent reason.


I wonder if it is also stopping my onboard Intel RAID array from going into standby too?


I'm dual booting W8 and W10, the array goes into standby in W8, it doesn't in W10.


My assumption was the Windows drivers ...

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So my gut instinct is to let this kind of sit until CL4 releases in a couple of months. This is a comparatively minor issue against some of the other outstanding stuff in CL3 and would require a lot of work to root out, work that may prove to be unnecessary with CL4.
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