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More RAM to existing-but which one?


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Adding more memory to existing Corsair XMS LL?...


M-Board - Abit AN7

Proc: AMD 2500 Barton M at 2200

Installed Mem: 512MB as TwinX 2 x 256MB DDR XMS 2700 LLPT Low

Latency Platinum CAS2 (2-3-2-5)


Exisiting works fine & + only 2 months old...just need more, however a few weeks on & I can't obtain a single 512 of XMS 2700LLPT anywhere


I can obtain a single 512MB of XMS 512MB DDR XMS2700C2PT or

512MB DDR XMS3200XL Platinum CAS2


The problem I face : one suppler states I can use the XMS3200 XL no problems or conflicts.....another supplier states I have to change all the RAM as the SPD's will be different causing instability issues

Please confirm who's correct?


Existing 2700 XMS LL has timings 2-3-2-5

XMS 3200 XL has timings 2-2-2-5


If I can simply add a single 512MB module..which one is best?


Thanks in advance - JPN

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