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Epox 8rda wont post with VS Dual Channel


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I have an EPOX 8rda MB and put two sticks of dual channel Value Select total = one GIG and I get a memory alarm and a code (C1), and the system won't even turn on the video card let alone post. The modules are in the correct position for dual channel.


My specs are as follows:

Athlon 2800+ XP Barton

GeForce 5700LE 256 DDR

Creative Audigy

ATI TV Wonder

Intel Pro100B Ethernet



400Watt PS

Memory=Corsair Value Select Dual Channel 1024MB PC2700 DDR 333MHz Memory (2 x 512MB)


I put my old memory back in and it runs beautifully, but I'm limited to 266DDR instead of 333.

I see that the VS memory may need a minimum of 2.6 Volts.

Any Ideas? If I can't get into the BIOS how do I change the voltage?



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