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Crashes and my Asus p4c800e / xms3200's


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To preface this - i am a new computer builder (this will be evident to you shortly ;])


I have been having problems with my computer for some time now (6 months +) (since build) - apps disappearing while running / error display crashing.

This mostly happens with games or very intensive apps. I have replaced the HD the video card and the monitor (ha – ya I know – monitor :P – new one is very nice though ^^) with no difference in performance. I have a 450 power supply. I have run a variety of tests lately while I have been learning to troubleshoot this system and think I have it singled out to the memory.


This is why I basically think it is the RAM.

Troubleshooting on forums it was suggested to run memtest86. While running memtest86 (3.2) I got a LOT of errors.

I found some other suggestions that I disable Spread Spectrum and Legacy USB – neither of these things helped.


Is there anything else that I can set in the bios that is possibly wrong?

I have seen alot of settings on the boards that i can change but nothing that matches my specs close enough for me to feel comfortable checking ... ^^


Thanks for any advice ^^




Mobo: Asus p4c800e

Proc: Intell4 2.8 800

RAM: XMS3200 2x512 (CMX512 3200c2PT / XMS3202v2.2)

… ect ect …

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N.P. really, it's just time consuming to answer the exact same questions over and over again. Not that I dont do that already, but when its the same person, its kind of a mute point. Anyway sorry if I sounder harsh.

:eek: :cool:

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