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Corsair 400R front panel problem?


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Hello. First time poster/builder here. I was hoping to get some help regarding an issue I am having with booting. I assembled the MOBO/CPU/RAM/GPU outside of the case and have no issues with booting to bios when I press the manual on button on the MOBO. Additionally, I can boot to BIOS by shorting the power switch metal prongs with a screwdriver briefly.


I am, however, unable to boot to BIOS when I attach the case's power switch cable to these corresponding metal prongs. When I do this and power up the PSU, the computer turns on for anywhere from 1-3 seconds before turning off. At this point the front panel power switch does not do anything.


The other front panel connectors seem to work appropriately when powering the LEDs and fans. (not sure about the USB connectors though).


I assume the issue is with the power switch? Could anybody offer advice for me? Thanks!

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