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I Think I've Got Some Bad Ram...

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First of all... my system specs:


P4 3.2 Ghz Prescott w/ HT

Soyo P4I875P Dragon 2 v1.0

Corsair CMX512-3200XLPT (Twin 512mb sticks designed for dual channel mode)


Now on to why I think i have a bad part...


First of all, only one of the twin sticks I have is not working correctly. The problem is, these sticks are ultra low latency (2225), and do not function stabily at anything but the absolute highest latency settings my bios affords (3358 i THINK). My board definitely supports these low latencies, but when i use these low latency settings my system is unstable, and I get numerous memory related errors while installing applications, copying files, or even installing windows.

I've determined that it is the ram by swapping out every other component of the system, to no avail. I then put this ram in another system, and had similar issues. I then proceeded to mess around with different settings such as enabling/disabling dual channel, etc. also to no avail. I then tried one stick of ram at a time, and, at the low latency settings, one stick worked PERFECTLY fine, and another did not.

I will again repeat that these sticks do work at the higher latency settings, but not at low latency (which both the modules, and my motherboard are designed to do).


I called tech support a few months ago, ticket #28060 and talked to someone named Ray... who suggested that I try increasing the voltage to the dimm slots. This had no effect. Ray seemed to think that, if that did not help, I did in fact have a bad module. I have not persued this matter further since then due to other situations in which i could not be without my computer (i can still use it at the low latency settings remember), but now many of those have passed and I would like a resolution to this issue.


FYI... I bought this ram in August from Zipzoomfly.com. They have not worked correctly since I bought them.


Thanks for your time,

-Matt Polichany


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Actually no, I would not agree, from what you have posted, but honestly I have no sure way to know except one, and that is to just replace the module/modules and see what happens.

I would however, if you can test them in another system and the VDIM should be 2.75 Volts as well.

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