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Memtest86 failed CMX512-2700C2PT


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Hi, Have always had random BSODs shutdowns since build- put it down to MS gremlins but they are now regular. Contacted my U.K. supplier who pushed me-sorry-pointed me to this site as module was 12 months + old. Have updated all bios/drivers etc and run memtest 86 with the single module in each of the 3 slots in turn. High errors in tests 2/3/4/6 smaller in 1/5/7/8 in each of the slots.

MB MSI 648max (ms6585) CPU P4 2.4 Graphics Hercules ATI8500DV AGP

Bios Settings

AGP aper size -128MB

Dram cas latency –by spd

Timing setting mode –Fast

MA 1T/2T – Auto

Cpu/Dram freq ratio –By spd

Cpu freq – greyed out showing 133mhz

Dram freq – greyed out showing 167mhz

Auto detect CPU fsb – enabled

AGP/PCI freq – 66/33

CPU multiple factory –locked

Unused pci slot/dimm clock-stop

Dram vcore- 2.6volts

CPU vcore – Auto

Mdule no XMS2702v1.3 024446 J47.247

Pc used for office apps/net please advice- Thanks

P.S. Keep trying to post this on warranty board but it would not accept? So e mailed as well

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I would suggest testing the module or modules in another MB if possible. But I have no problem replacing your modules. Please follow the link in my signature “I think I have a bad part!” and we will be happy to replace them or it!
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Thanks for prompt response

Only other PC's to hand are older and will not take memory, other friends tooo scared to open their precious Dells!!

Have sent request for RMA no. but is going to be problematic mail wise over the Christmas period.Any chance of okaying Boston(UK distributor) who supply overclockers.co.uk to to send part to overclockers to send to me so my pc is not down till the new year. Self employed -use it for work.

Regards arkwright

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Please talk to your reseller, as most off shore resellers will take care of their own RMA's. But if they will not help; you would have to send them to us directly.

And for the record, we replace all RMA's with new modules, so there is no excuse for any reseller not helping their customers with an RMA.

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New RMA'd module rec'd today.Fitted PC will not boot consistantly sometimes get bios screen then nothing on monitor,sometimes won't boot at all, occasionally boots all the way then will not restart fully reverting back to above problems.Have cleared bios resetting to optimal/original/high performance settings in that order..still getting above faults.Have tried module in other slots and just the same results.Put borrowed PC2100 2 modules back in worked 1st time.Well dismayed after having to send back to US from UK.

Any thoughts

P.S.NEW MODULE xms2702v1.2 original xms 2702v1.3 any bearing on the problem??

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OK managed to get a local dealer to quickly check module, do not know what his setup is but he fit the module and it booted /restarted ok 3 times???

So to recap have had original cmx512-2700c2pt for over a year working but lateley with bsods hence rma, machine running at moment perfectly albeit slower with 2 modules of non descript 256 pc2100(on temporary loan from friend). New 2700 c2pt errors in boot/restart as in last post - never done that before.... don't get it???

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Please call our Tech support at 888-222-4346 and Dial "3" that will take you right to tech support.

Did that January 13th , spoke to good guy named John case #30982.

Ended up in the same position no matter what we tried ie worse than originally in that pc would not boot etc.Contacted Georgette Robinson (rma original contact) and sent her mail with full details of conversation with John of which I do not think i should post on this forum.Have had no reply and since then i have mailed her again twice again ccing to the other ram guy she got to mail me . no reply????

Please advise

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I am sorry I cannot find your email there is just too many. Can you give us a call at 888-222-4346 and Dial "0" that will take you right to customer Service.

Can you send me a link/mail address direct for Georgette my specific request has been forwarded to her for her supervisors approval twice now but with no reply, so to go through the whole thing again on the phone would take ages, i'll just send her the relevant e mails


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