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VS1GBKIT533D2 from different manufacturers?


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I just bought two VS1GBKIT533D2 Memory Kits (together 2GB) from two different online stores. Both came in the original Corsair-Box with the same labels on it.

But with "CPU-Z" it shows me two different RAMs.

The First ("RAM-1"):

manufacturer: A-Data Technologies

Part Number: {nothing}

The Second ("RAM-2"):

manufacturer: Corsair

Part-Number: VS512MB533D2


With SiSandra2005 it reports me RAM-1 with "16x(32Mx8)" and RAM-2 with "8x(64Mx8)".


There are differences in the SPD timing tables too.


Is this both original RAM and can both sold as VS1GBKIT533D2 ?


What can i do if not?


Thanks and Greetz


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Value Select memory does not use the same IC's on all modules like the XMS line does. The memory chips used can vary from lot to lot(day to day). The only way to try to get the same ones would be to buy two at the same time from the same place.
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