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corsair ax1200 8pin pci to 2x 6 or 8 pin cable

mihaly sipos

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Hi all,


here is another corsair psu in the house and it has this cable:



It seems I could not connect it to my pci output on my psu. It looks slightly different.


The issue is that I would like to connect the 4th GPU but I got only one PCI slot left on the ax 1200 psu. That cable would solve my issue, but I am not certain about the compatibility.


what do you suggest?





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  • Corsair Employees

That eBay link doesn't state what PSU it is for specifically, so I wouldn't risk it.


What you do want is a "Type 3" PCIe cable. The PCIe cable for AXi, AX Platinum, HXi, HX Silver and Gold, RM, CS-M and CX are all "Type 3".


They can be purchased from a number of retailers, including Corsair: http://www.corsair.com/en-gb/type-3-sleeved-black-pci-e-pig-tail-cable

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