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Memory read errors


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I have a question about my memory. I just recently bought a kit of PC3200 Value Select RAM and recently I have been getting errors saying that "the memory cannot be read". This mainly happens when I am Playing WoW and I was wondering if I had a bad memory module. I haven't had a chance to run Memtest86 yet, but I copied all of the relevant information from my Bios screen and all the info for my computer so you could look at it and tell me if I have anything set up wrong.


Here is the information about my computer:


Memory in slots 1 & 2 dual channel at 200MHz

Motherboard: A7N8X PCB 2.0 Bios 1010 (latest)

CPU: Athlon XP +2700 333 FSB

HDD: 250gb Western Digital Caviar 8mb

Video Card: nVidia GeForce FX 5600 256mb

Memory: VS1GBKIT400


Here are the settings from the advanced chipset feature on the motherboard:

CPU External Frequency: 166MHz

CPU Frequency Multiplier Setting: Auto

CPU Frequency Multiplier: 13.0x

System Performance: Optimal

CPU Interface: Optimal

Memory Frequency: By Spd

Resulting Frequency: 200MHz

Memory Timings: Optimal

SDRAM Active Precharge Delay: 8


SDRAM RAS Precharge Delay: 3

CAS Latency: 2.5t

FSB Spread System: .50%

AGP Spread Spectrum: Disabled

CPU VCore Setting: Auto

CPU Vcore: 1.650v


Any help you can offer would be great and I will try it and get back to you as soon as I can.


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  • Corsair Employees

Please set the memory Frequency at 100% or DDR333 with the CPU you have!

This is a chipset limitation.

If the FSB of your CPU is 400 For Intel and 100 MHz for AMD, the memory speed supports only DDR 266.

If the FSB of your CPU is 533 For Intel and 133/166 MHz for AMD, the memory speed supports DDR 266/333

If the FSB of your CPU is 800 MHz for Intel and 200 MHz for AMD, the memory speed supports DDR 333/400

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I changed the settings accordingly, and while I am not getting the error as often, I am still getting it ocasionnaly with some of the programs. It has only happened once with World Of Warcraft, but it happend trying to shut down last night, and earlier today when I tried to open Word help. Is there a test I should run on my computer that you recommend before trying to get a replacement part or could this be an indiction that I need to reformat my Hard drive?
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