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4x256MB PC3200LL or 2x512MB PC4000 for ASUS P4C800-E deluxe?


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I have installed 512MB TWINX PC3200LL rev 1.2 on my P4C800-E deluxe. It runs at DDR400 with 5:4 divider, because PC3200LL can't handle 250MHz FSB.


Now I want to upgrade to 1Gig. Should I better buy a second pair of TWINX512 PC3200LL or sell my memory and buy TWINX1024 PC4000?


Which memory will give me better performance in gaming? I've read at PCStats that 5:4 with tighter timings is slightly better than 1:1 with loose timings. At Anandtech I've read that 4 modules perform better than 2. I can't compare it, because Anandtech uses different Timings for 4x256MB SS and 2x512MB DS modules :confused:


What Timings are recommended vor 4x256MB PC3200LL rev 1.2 on ASUS P4C800-E deluxe?

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