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Need Help With TWINX1024-2700LL. PC-333 and MSI K7N2 Delta


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Hey i hope you understand my english :o:

I have a problem with this combination of Hardware.


MOBO: MSI K7N2 Delta


RAM: 1024 MB DDR-RAM PC-333 Corsair/ Low Latency / CL2 / TWINX1024-2700LL.


I tested the following : Rate Auto and the rest cl 2 and DIM Voltage Auto --> but it won't work.


I get errors on Win XP Prof (Bluescreen) then I turn on High Performance and regular Speedstep it doesn't boot. :mad: :mad: :mad:





I need the bios config that it works.



PLZ Help!!!

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Are you sure that this is everything I have to change in the system to make sure that it will run?


In many treads before I read I must change the DIM VOLTAGE from Auto to 2,6 or 2,7 Voltage and on AMD boards you have to change the Cas Latency from 2 T to 2,5 T for working ? :confused: :confused:


Is that a real configuration or is it a fake ? :!:


Could you tell me the best RAM configuration for the MOBO ASUS K8V SE DELUXE with a Athlon 64 Bit CPU? :confused:

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  • Corsair Employees

With this MB I would suggest you install the modules in slots 1-3 or 2-3 and set the Rass to Cass to "3" so I would set these timings and then set the Dim Voltage to +2.7 Volts:

CAS Latency CL=2.0

Ras# to CAS# delay tRCD 3

Min Ras# Active Time tRAS 5

Row Precharge Time tRP 2

Then test the system with http://www.memtest.org and make sure it's stable! If you have problems, I would set Enable 2T Timings to AUTO and test it again!

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