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RMA, bad decision...


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I locally/physically got a H80i GTX less than 2 weeks ago. Device manager is not recognizing it. I created a thread here at the corsair forums and was advised to RMA it. The shop has a 7day outright replacement or item change policy. So instead of getting the H80i replaced, I added a few to get the H110i GT. I was working fine until Monday(8/24/2015 3 days when i got the H110i GT). The water temp was too high reaching 85c. I sent the item back to the shop and the shop sent it to the distributor.


I created an RMA#6665727 as few days back. When the distributor got info that I created an RMA. They wanted me to deal with corsair directly as it was no longer in their policy once an RMA has been created. When they explained it to me, it sounded that they wanted to wash their hands of anything else to do with the item.


I asked a few local couriers, and it would cost me over the cost of the item. I got it for $130, to send it back i need to spend $150(there goes my budget for a air 540).


This has been my worst warranty experience ever. I got a seasonic x-650 a few years ago. When i had an issue and our local shop and distributor was not responding to my queries. Seasonic offered a courier service as well as talked to the distributor about the warranty policies.


I was suppose to pick up a corsair air 540 tommorow. But i guess that has to wait since the money i had would go to the shipping cost. And i guess thats a sign not to buy the corsair case, ram, and psu that I was planning.


This is a real disapointment...

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  • Corsair Employees

I just looked at your ticket, looks like our customer service sent you a reply and from the looks of it, they'll take care of that little shipping problem of yours. You can now get the Air540 :D


Such an amazing case, have fun with it!

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that is the best customer service i have ever felt. and i know, i work as a customer service/service desk job.


in my 6 yrs experience as a CS/SD. i know how it feels to give a customer a promise that to the end you saw and fulfill.


i really dont know what to say but thank you so much!



hmmm is there anyway to cancel that pre-paid shipping? the thing is. i posted this 8/27 around 6pm our time. just when i got the news that distribution would not RMA the H110i gt. at night i ask a legal advise from a friend(sounded like his speaking orc tonge). but that i make out from what he said. the 1yr shop warranty and the 2yr distribution warranty is like a binding contract and advertising in 1. it is their responsibility to see thru it that those products are in the manufacturer's specification up until the warranty expires. if not we can file a case to DTI(Department of Trade and Industries).


so thats what i said to the shop. then they called the distributor and a few minutes later...




faith in corsair restored!


next item on the list.


next PSU, upgrade memory, keyboard, mouse and mouse pad :)



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  • Corsair Employees

I am very glad to see that we've got it all sorted out for you :)


About the pre-paid shipping label, I'll let customer service know that you no longer need it.


Enjoy your new build man. If you need anything else, you're welcome to message me anytime.

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