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bad ram i think? corsair value 512 ddr 3200


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I've got 2 (modules) of the value select ram VS512MB400. I have it in a Abit VI7 m/b with a 2.8 intel (northwood?) NOT prescott cpu, 800 Mhz FSB 512K cache ram. I have had it working for a couple of months but have been having some Blue screens over the last month which has been more frequent then it died... NOTHING HAPPENS. No beeps, no display, I've reset the m/b bios with jumper and still nothing happens.

I've replaced the Vid card and replaced with a Known good vid card. This was with all PCI slots empty. Then with all powered devices disconnected. Only m/b 12 volt and 5 volt (4 pin) harness's from power supply connected. I have not changed any of the settings in the BIOS. settings are coming from the SPD of the chips themself's. I can't tell you what they are cause I get no post to see. Monitor is good. (using it now as i type with other system).


I went to the corsair's website and looked to see what other m/b's accept this ram. By the way it is compatible with the VI7. I also have in the house a Gigabyte GA-7VRXP, and a ECS K75SA, all three are supported by this ram based on what the website says. These 2 others do boot-up but then lock up and sometimes re-start. They will not stay up. Each time they lock or re-start is at different times in the loading process. They can even make it into windows XP and stay on until it eventually crashes. Both these boards work fine except when the Corsair chip are put in. I have tried just one chip at a time to test and both chips fail.


Just in case your wondering?

I also have been working on computers for years and always disconnect the power cord and wait about a min before i even touch the case. I have a anti-static wire on me and also touch the case to ground myself before i touch any parts inside the computer.


I am sure they are bad but I can always learn something new so... If you know something I haven't done then my pride will not be hurt. :):

Thanks for the input.

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