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Bad memory or system problem?

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CPU = 3.2 gig.

FSB = 800


Bios settings:


CPU hyper-threading = enabled

Limit CPUID max to 3 = disabled

CPU host clock control = disabled

system has set CPU host frequency to 200

Memory frequency set to Auto,

system then set frequency to 400.


Many thanks,


George Pearce

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Please try and set the Dim Over Voltage control to +.2 Volts and then test the system. but if both modules will pass one up, but will not run stable when in dual channel that would suggest a problem somewhere else. I would maybe check the PSU and or test the modules in another system if you can.
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I moved the good mem module from dimm1 to dimm 4 and put in the bad module in dimm2. I changed the Dim over-voltage to +.2 volts as you suggested and booted. System came up with fatal system error on blue screen after loading XP. I removed the good memory and rebooted; system wouldn't boot. I replaced the bad module with the good, but..... didn't click the module in tight enough. I have fried (fried i.e. vapourised) one of the 184 pins and I think blown the mother board.


I was able to establish the bad mem. module is still bad, but how do you feel about me sending back the mem. modules for replacement?


Thanks for your help.


George Pearce.

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