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HX750i Pinout


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i need the Pinout for the PCI-E cable for the HX750i.


Why are there only 7 Pins at the PSU side of the cable?



This Cable-Set has 8 Pins at the PSU side and is labled as compatible.


See here


Here is a Image of the PSU http://www.corsair.com/~/media/Corsair/Product%20Photos/psu/hxi-series/hx750i/large/HX750i_DC_side.png



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That means if i use the Pinout of the ax1200i it should just work fine for my hx750i?


Yes. By saying that AXi is the same pinout as HXi has the same meaning as AX1200i will work fine with an HX750i. ;):


The only current Corsair PSU that isn't the same is the RMi. And it will work. Just the cables don't currently have the capacitors and extra voltage sense wires. Not sure why you're so worried. ;):

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