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Gigabyte K8NS Ultra-939 and 2x512MB XMS3500C2PT v 1.1 ram


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I plan to upgrade to this motherboard and a 3200+ Athlon 64. I want to know if my two 512MB XMS3500C2PT v 1.1 sticks will work in dual channel at 400MHz, CAS 2-3-2 6, default voltage.

I've had nothing but problems with TwinX 1024 3200LLPT and TwinX 1024 3200C2PT ram on my current Gigabyte 8IK1100 (i875) mobo, but the XMS3500 C2PT runs just fine at 400MHz with default voltage, CAS 2-3-2 6.

Would it also run like that on the K8NS Ultra-939 ?

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