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Carbide 500R & H110i GTX Cooler


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Yesterday I installed the H110i GTX cooler in my Carbide 500R case.


Sadly, the radiator does not fit (at all) on the top. It seems too tall and/or wide for the screen to close, even if the two pipes coming out of the radiator weren't bumping up against the case preventing it from fitting as snugly as it should be.


There wasn't enough room to install the radiator and fans inside the top of case because the exhaust fan invades the space where the radiator fans would be in a standard push config.


I ended up doing, what is probably the least productive configuration for this setup cooler, and installing the radiator inside the case, on the top, and then putting the fans under the screen in a pull configuration.


Having said all that, from the stock cooler on my i7 2600k, turbo enabled, but no overclocking, running the Intel Extreme Tuning Utility...


Stock cooler benchmark heat max: 98°C

H110i GTX benchmark heat max: 60°C


I've also watched for thermal throttling and haven't seen any, where the stock cooler was doing it quite a bit.


My real concern here is, will this configuration be bad for the life of the fans?


I plan on attempting some overclocking once I'm comfortable with the temps and have a little time to do it right.

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I bought a h100i GTX and have a 500r too. I just installed the fans and radiator as you described. If you think well you see that the system will perform a better cooling performance with the air intake that the outtake that is demonstrated in the manual instructions. It is better pass cold air through the radiator with the intake that warm air existing inside the case.

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